Yura Taralov

Name: Yura Taralov
Year of birth: 1991
Web site:http://yurataralov.com
Three photographers’ name who have influenced and inspired you more: Harley Weir, Colin Dodgson, Aleksandra Rozniata and many more geniuses!
How would you describe your style? I think I’m still looking for myself, but in photography I’ve always liked the movement, aesthetics and imagination of the child. It doesn’t matter what I photograph, whether it’s a naked girl or a model in clothes, I always want to see them through the eyes of a child.
If you had a life philosophy, what would it be? Never give up and never pay attention to others. I was born in Russia, Murmansk. It’s very hard to show yourself there, no matter what people think you’re a psycho.

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