It comes easier to talk to strangers, and there is a reason. You can put your mask aside and still pretend you’re somebody else, finding your true self within a conversation. You don’t care if the stranger judges you, it doesn’t matter, you are not going to see them again, or at least you are not afraid to lose them because of who you are.
In photography it doesn’t feel too different to me, I love to play with my clothes, I like to take them off and to observe my body through somebody else’s eyes, I play with the surroundings, and what I will be left with afterwards doesn’t really matter. I am having a conversation with the photographer and words have no power over that relationship, it feels safe because it has an end, there is an exit, it’s a game.
It doesn’t give promises, it doesn’t have to be sexual but it can still give the feeling of a smooth skin against a surface, like touching paper with the images imprinted on it. It is real and the photos are here to prove it.
Richard is one of my dearest friends, but he becomes a perfect stranger any time we create together, I feel free to become anyone and through that process I actually find who I really want to be, who I really am. I can confess my desires without asking for it, I remember why I decided to be a model and why I am not just a good body represented by a skilled artist. I am the essence of a photo.



Photographer: Richard Harvey
Model: Nina Sever

September 9, 2017