Nina Sever: “Kim contacted me because she wanted to explore her sensuality in a safe way, and I felt honoured to be that trusted person. As I usually and almost exclusively shoot erotic or at least full nude photos, I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and photograph something soft and intimate, and possibly with mixed natural and ambient lights. This is the result of a fun and easy going afternoon. It’s incredible how much you can get to know someone if you just let go. I set the the lights, that’s the only thing I know, the vision designs itself on spot, it doesn’t matter how much I program of what I want and how to represent it, until the model is in front of me nothing is complete and I just cannot be the control freak with humans in front of my lens, as freedom is most of my biggest values.”

Photographer: Nina Sever (
Model: Kim Engelhardt (

August 6, 2018