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Some months ago I saw a beautiful drawing with an iguana sitting on the head of a romantic lyrical person – then, step by step I came to the idea of the photoshoot “Sleepwalkers”. Most of all, ideas come from unconscious sphere and I can’t explain them in words but very often I just have a certain feeling of my idea and try to put it in the title of a photograph or the whole series of them. I like to create stories where animals are significant participants of the picture – as if they are like metaphors to feelings, thoughts, fears or something abstract and ephemeral. Three girls, main characters of the story, seem to be rather cold and calm, but inside each of them there is something very important, emotional and thrilling. Iguana symbolizes inner world of their senses and emotions.¬†Viewers can also see (I’m saying like this because this is one of the possible interpretation of my story) that iguana symbolizes jealousy which appears suddenly in life or a feeling which shows up in a new and unexpected way and goes through some changes. I would also like viewers to try to give theirs own answers and suggestions to those puzzles which are hidden in my stories and nevertheless the state of mystery and unexplained secrecy is very important to me. (Daria Amaranth)¬†

October 17, 2016